Engaging children for their future

Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash
  • Think about their height
  • Think about their awareness
  • Think about their needs
  • Think about their views on life
  1. Gamification — things like card games, board games and digital games (iCivics is a personal fave) can all be adapted to help with planning, decision making and ideation.
  2. Pictures — pictures speak a thousand words and children can often express better when linked to looking at an image/symbol they can buy in to/recognise.
  3. Maps — whether drawing their own community, placing pins on a map of a building or using something like google maps to identify areas of concern — maps are both visual and personal when it comes to conversation.
  4. Stories — growing up you hear stories as a child about how the community used to be and in storytelling as a child you can also create ideation for the future.
  5. Adoption — anyone who follows me will know I have written about this subject a few times with my Adopt a Councillor blogs. But beyond that children can be engaged by adopting things like geographic places to care for i.e. train stations, playground etc or even other people in the community to increase connection, build relationships and learn/teach through intergenerational connection i.e. elderly or business professionals.



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Andrew Coulson

Andrew Coulson


Community Engagement, Civic Tech & Public Consultation Thought Leader. #gatehashing & #globalcommunityengagementday instigator.