Gamification in Community Engagement Part 2: Online

  • To Engage
  • To Inform/build understanding
  • To build relationships/teamwork
  • Break the ice


I’m going to start with a slightly tedious one but one that is known mainstream, Minecraft. In this article by Nick Bilton on the New York Times blog, he picks up on the educational and informing level that the 16 bit world construction game can offer. He quotes one school teacher in Sweden about her kids where the game is now part of the curriculum

Run that town

Developed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Run that Town is a game driven by census data where you can choose to be put in charge of any town in Australia. By using the readily available data you are asked to make decisions, build projects and ultimately keep your community satisfied. With the addition of ‘vital’ issues popping up via news broadcasts some of those decisions you make are often not popular ones and if you measure the mood of your citizens wrong you will be run out of town.

Counties work via iCivics

Similar to Run that Town icivics ‘Counties work’ gives you the chance to play the local politician American style. You decide about the programs and services that affect the community. Your choices shape the community, and your citizens’ satisfaction determines whether you get re-elected for a second term as County leader.


I’m not going to lie this is the same kind of concept as 2 and 3 in the list but with even more added interactivity and therefore more fun.

My 2050

My 2050 is a game of priorities, a game style we are starting to see a lot of. Developed by Delib for the UKs Department of Energy and Climate change the game is a step by step educational tool on how government could reduce, with your help, CO2 levels to that of the 1990s to avoid dangerous changes in the world’s climate.

Other games

Other similar Gamification of decision making using this slider and priority type model and are generally based on budget planning in government. Examples include:



Community Engagement, Civic Tech & Public Consultation Thought Leader. #gatehashing & #globalcommunityengagementday instigator.

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Andrew Coulson

Andrew Coulson


Community Engagement, Civic Tech & Public Consultation Thought Leader. #gatehashing & #globalcommunityengagementday instigator.